Technology is UX

If you are building something in the digital realm, an app, a web site, a blog, you are creating UX (User Experience). Whether you do it well or not may dictate your success or failure on that front.


Computer science is a funny thing, it is the study of making technology interact better with humans. This is the basis for my motto “Technology is User Experience”, because if it not strictly for the user, who is it built for.  I have my Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of Windsor. The emphasis of which was developing code that would be interpreted by processors, processed with a function and then interpreted by humans.

To improve UX and make it great, one must simplify the transactions to and from the processor.

This is where my many years of software development and analysis come into play. My experience from startups to the Fortune 500 has given me a diverse background.


The first time I’ve been covered in French media

I’ve been able to put myself on national media in the past, but tonight was the first time I was able to get covered in French media: Hey hey, look who is on CBC Radio Canada, the answer will surprise you. Because it is me: — Steven Hudak (@shudak) September 5, 2017