Reddit Changes – Home Links Requires Login

Reddit has changed one of their User Experience flows as it appears that you need to login or register to click any of the links, to comments or the link through themselves. It seems like they have updated their priority list to increase user base or to derive more information from their users.

Oddly enough it isn’t consistent across all platforms as my tablet isn’t prompting me for the login when I click around.

Email marketing development – SPF & DKIM

I remember the first time I created a server based email in PHP. It was my first start-up and I wanted to make sure that people that used my app stayed connected. Things have changed since PHP3 and security has become much more important in the fight against SPAM. If you find that your emails are getting bounced to the SPAM folders try the basics of using and email deployment service like Mandrill or even making sure your email headers are valid. Once you’re past that, try to ensure your emails are signed with either SPF or DKIM keys, Google+ and Gmail features rely on these. Here is a great overview that I dug up :

Need help setting these up or improving your email delivery, I’m always here to help.

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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. I’ve been wanting to update my personal site for a while and now I’m stealing a few seconds when I can to do so. I want to keep this a record of technology I’m working on, some client work and some bookmarks to cool/funny/geek things I find online. Hope you enjoy it.